Welgevonden Game Reserve

A world-renowned protected national game reserve covering over 42.000 ha, home of the Big five and the largest population of white rhinos in Africa.

Welgevonden Game Reserve’s conservation management practices are arguably some of the best in the world.

The reserve was established to preserve one of the last pieces of truly pristine wilderness in Southern Africa and to protect biodiversity.

Welgevonden Game Reserve is a world-renowned protected national game reserve covering over 42.000 ha and located in the Waterberg region (22.000km²). An area of 5.000km² has been declared Waterberg Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2001.

The Waterberg’s wildlife habitat is one of South Africa’s premier wildlife destination, according to Getaway Magazine.

Welgevonden Game Reserve emcompasses five different biomes and is bordered on the south by Marakele National Park (600 km²).

An extraordinary range of habitat. Hills carpeted by woodlands, valleys cut by deep rivers, plains, rolling savannah, rocky scrubland and cliffs.

Elephants, lions, buffalos, rhinos, leopards, giraffes, zebras, cheetahs, warthogs, hippos, elands, wildebeests, kudus, waterbucks, klipspringers, steenbok, monkeys, brown hyenas are permanent residents and you will also find more than 250 different species of birds.

The balance of nature is disturbed as little as possible.

Only 2h30 driving from Johannesburg International Airport and a malaria free area.